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Significant efforts have been made to make NSH look less like a hospital and more like home. This has been achieved by the use of warm, bright colors and well designed furniture. All rooms are equipped with a personal telephone, TV, Satellite Channels, and a private bathroom. All of our beds are fully electronic and are of the highest medical standards without compromising comfort.

Women Oriented

The woman is special where ever she may go and this can also be said of NSH. Here, we take special interest in the healthcare of women providing her with full obstetric and gynecological services. Screening for female cancers like Breast cancer and cervix cancer are also provided by the most experienced consultants. A special Delivery Suite has also been designed to create a comforting and feminine atmosphere to ease the burden of childbirth.

Last, but not least, our team of award winning incontinence surgery specialists have a vast experience in treating this immensely embarrassing condition of urine leakage that a high proportion of woman need not suffer from.

Physiotherapy Centre

Any surgery is incomplete without the necessary rehabilitation that gets patients back on their feet again. Our highly experienced physiotherapists are extremely competent in manual manipulation as well as in operating a wide range of highly specialised equipment.

Laparoscopic Surgery

This technique of minimally invasive surgery has changed the face of medicine. By being able to offer the same treatment but with only small incisions barely the size of a fingernail, we are able to achieve a better cosmetic appearance. Our doctors are highly experienced in surgeries offered for intestinal and gynecological diseases.

Operating Rooms

NSH hosts three state of the art operating theaters equipped with surgical devices and instruments featuring the latest advances in medical technology & matching with the highest standards for use in all types of surgical procedures along with an intensive care unit for post operative care of critical cases. Professors in the field of anesthesia and intensive care have been brought in to manage such an important and crucial service.

Endoscopy Unit

An Endoscopy unit was established to perform Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy for the early detection of diseases and tumors of the Gastro-intestinal tract.

Diabetic & Endocrinology clinic

The Diabetic & Endocrinology clinic offer services such as the treatment of Diabetes and its complications, advices on weight control and the introduction of the latest trends (medically approved) in weight Loss, along with the early detection of Osteoporosis by monitoring vitamin D blood level, to the treatment of tumors and diseases of the Pituitary & Adrenal glands.

24 Hours Clinic

Our round the clock 24hrs clinic is ready to receive any patient requiring medical attention whether itís an emergency or just the flu, at any time of the day.

In order to provide the best medical services to our patients, NSH made it a point to recruit the most elite consultants in Bahrain and abroad, in all the possible specialties such as General surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics& Infertility, Ear, Nose & Throat, Orthopedic surgery, Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Pediatrics, Cosmetic Surgery, Endocrinology and Diabetic foot clinic, Dental surgery and Orthodontics.

The various sections of the hospital have come a long way and has undergone a huge and remarkable development since the opening of the hospital. As in the Department of General Surgery all surgical procedures are being performed Laparoscopically. Bariatric surgeries to treat obesity and morbid obesity have been introduced. Tumors of the breast whether benign or malignant are being detected and treated at the hands of the best surgeons in the kingdom in the most advanced ways. The surgical department also handles the diagnosis and treatment of the Thyroid & the parathyroid glands tumors or diseases.

ENT Department

It has introduced the renowned Coblation procedure used in tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and various nasal surgeries. Orthopedic Surgeries are also being carried out Endoscopically, whether itís a spinal, knee or shoulder surgery at the hands of the best orthopedic surgeons in the Kingdom.

Gynecology and Obstetrics department

While at our Gynecology and Obstetrics department, the expecting mother feels reassured with our services as sheíll be intensely looked after by our team of senior consultants who will follow up with her throughout her antenatal program that is from the day of confirming pregnancy till the day of delivery. That, in addition to the diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological conditions and diseases plus performing various laparoscopic pelvic surgeries when needed. New born babies born at our hospital enjoy the luxury of settlement in our specially equipped Nursery.

Pediatric clinic

At the Pediatric clinic, children of all ages are being vaccinated according to the Immunization schedule approved by the Ministry of Health as well as the treatment of all childhood diseases and monitoring their growth by periodic follow-up from the first day of birth.

Cardiology Department

Our cardiology Department cares for all cases of heart diseases, congenital or acquired, atherosclerosis of the arteries and Hypertension, in addition to coronary artery insufficiency by the most efficient consultants.

In the past 2 years Noor Specialist Hospital has established the first of its kind "Diabetic Foot Clinic" in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the care of the feet of the diabetic patients who are affected by the disease, whether itís a Diabetic ulcer, gangrene or even cellulites.

Because our ambition is without limits, we passed the border and sought after various multinational expertise around the world where we contacted Specialized Consultants (each in their field of profession)from Germany, England and France, who come on a regular scheduled visits throughout the year where the most complicated and difficult surgeries are being performed here in Bahrain at NSH and hence patients seeking such service donít have to travel abroad while itís available at their front door.

Our services are not just therapeutic, but also our concern extends to be a preventive role as well. Our aim is to encourage citizens to conduct early detection tests for certain cancers at discounted affordable prices. We also conduct pre-marital examination which includes educating couples who are about to marry the importance of these tests and the long effects of genetic diseases and their implications on their offspring to ensure a healthy individual both physically and physiologically.

Our Facilities

  • A mordern, Fully Equipped Hospital
  •   Luxury Delivery Suites
  •   Endoscopy GI Unit
  •   4D & COLOR Doppler Ultrasound
  •   Laboratory, X-Ray, CT Scan
  •   Private room and VIP suits
  •   State of the Art Operating Rooms
  •   Cardiac Lab
  •   Comprehensive Dental Care
  •   Physiotherapy
  •   Laser Centre